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Top 10 Cuddly Dogs

Top 10 Cuddly Dogs

By Patty Dobson

We love happy dogs, and nothing gives us more joy than spoiling our pups and giving them cuddles. Here are the 10 dogs we think rank the highest in Cuddly Factor:

1. Pug
They are the king and queen of cuddliness. These sweet, super squidgy, energetic pups love affection as much as they love their favorite treats. Warm, friendly, and outgoing, they adore cuddle and playtime. Shower them with loving cuddles, and you’ll find they’ll follow you to the ends of the earth – or around the room!

2. Pinweilers
These cuties are extremely smart, happy, loving, determined and protective. Full of sunshine, they have a wonderful disposition, always want to say hello to other pups and humans, love being the center of attention, and are happiest when showered with love and playtime. They love being cuddled and aren’t shy to nudge you to remind you to shower them with deserving affection. These mid sized cuties love being a lap puppy.

3. Boxers
Originally bred to be medium sized guard dogs, these intelligent pups are a loving, affectionate addition to any home. These furry sweethearts are delightfully joyful, gentle, sweet, and full of fun. Loyal and a lover of playtime, they are avid aficionados of snuggles and smooches.

4. Pomeranian
This foxy faced cutie is attentive, active, and has a huge personality. They love a bit of fun and are great cuddlers, often making them excellent therapy pups.

5. Labrador Retriever
There’s a reason why these bright, sweet natured pups are the most popular breeds in the US and UK! These enthusiastic pups are the epitome of sweetness, friendly and affectionate with everyone. Steady in temperament and dependable, these peaceful, patient pups are eager to please, great fun, and are excellent therapy pups.

6. Bearded Collie
This bouncy natured pup is as cute as he’s cuddly! Highly energetic and intelligent, these good natured pups are great playmates and love socializing.

7. Greyhound
Thought to have originated from Egypt, these friendly, stately looking pups are one of the most ancient breeds in the world and a good natured addition to any home. Curious yet chill, their favorite pastime is cuddling up with their family in a cozy place. Don’t be surprised if this loving pup invites himself onto your couch or bed to settle in and snuggle up!

8. Bichon Frise
This fluffy, sunny pup has so much love to give. Their cuddly, cheerful toy-like appearance is a call to love and affection! They love being surrounded by family and showered with snuggles.

9. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Lovingly known as the Staffie, this smooth coated, energetic cutie is extremely smart and affectionate. A lover of children and possessing a great sense of humor, these sweet natured pups are delightful, loves kisses and cuddles, and adores spending time with their humans, often joining you in the kitchen as you cook, lounging on the couch as you veg out, or snuggling in bed.

10. English Bulldog
This gentle, adorable pup is a pure people lover. Friendly and playful with adults and children, they love to seek people out for attention and love sprawling out and snoozing on their human’s lap.

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