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Our New Partners!

Our New Partners!

By Patty Dobson

We’ve got some great news at Truly Pawsome's HQ and we are pleased to announced that we have teamed up with some doggone amazing pups! We love these pups and the joy they bring us, and they love us right back. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a sweet, monthly care package of specially selected goodies and treaties? What can we say, it’s a match made in doggy heaven-- each of our teammates has a unique code, offering 10% off to their puppy pals. We love having them on our team and are thrilled for you to meet our Pawsome partners!

The 3 Weenies:
The 3 weenies are 3 long haired miniature dachshunds living in Austin, Texas! Winston is the oldest and he is a shaded cream, Winston enjoys chasing cats and licking people's faces! Finley is the middle one and he is a dappled cream. He enjoys napping, sleeping and more napping! Theodore is the youngest and he enjoys causing LOTS of trouble, if the house is quiet.. You know teddy is somewhere making mischief! Life with 3 weenies is very entertaining, and you always have something to do!  Use code WEENIES10 to save 10% off your subscription.

The Three Weenies

Cruiser is an adventurous Mini Goldendoodle who lives in the country and makes time for all of his favorite activities. He goes boating whenever he can as swimming is his favorite activity. When he's not busy swimming, he's running around chasing his favorite chuck-it balls and snuggling with his parents. Cruiser is a ball of energy and increases the number of smiles per day whether he's swimming around the lake, strolling through the country, or taking selfies of his adventures on instragram, @mr.cruisergdoodle. So watch out, he may steal your heart! Use code CRUISER10 to save 10% off your subscription.


Oatmeal also known as Brookshire's Favorite Cookie is a two year old golden retriever. When she's not being a little rascal, she can often be found napping or snacking on her favorite treats. Other then being a cute and fluffy Instapup, Oatmeal is also a participant in the groundbreaking Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. The goal of the study is to learn and understand why dogs get certain diseases or cancer and ways to prevent them. She is so proud to do her part for science and for her breed! Use code OATMEAL10 to save 10% off your subscription.


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