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Top 5 Cuddliest Toys

Top 5 Cuddliest Toys

By Patty Dobson

Summer road trips or sweet alone time calls for new favorites to your pup’s cuddly toy collection. A delightful diversity of engaging cuddle buddies, ranging in textures and fabrics, offer your pup comforting and pleasing snuggle sessions.

Here’s a list of best-loved, cuddliest toys for your furry best friend to love all summer (and seasons) long. Let’s get cuddlin!

Honest Pet Products
This wide-eyed, adorable owl is Pork Chop and Murray’s best friend and we can see why! Made out of 100% natural, sustainable hemp and organic wool, this eco-friendly toy is as satisfying to carry around as it is to snuggle. We feel great giving our best friends such a high quality, chemical and toxin-free toy with maximum snuggle factor. Made by disabled adults in Wisconsin, we admire the work and business model Honest Pet Products adopts and feel great about supporting such a noteworthy company.

Pork Chop

Friends of Soctopus Yellow Sock Toy
Superbly sunny, squidgy and sweet, we love the soft, satisfying snuggle sessions this fun, quirky Soctopus provides. Beautifully handmade, this bit of sweetness is definitely special.

Knit Knack Organic Dog Toys
Resembling snacks and critters, these cheerfully cute cuddle and chew toys are crocheted using 100% organic cotton and contain a little squeaky toy to engage your pup during playtime.

Natural Canvas and Rope Giraffe Toy
This two-in-one cutie satisfies your pup’s desire to tug and hug. With a sturdy rope and soft endearing giraffe, your pup will enjoy hours of tug and hug fun with this favorite.

Natural Canvas and Rope Giraffe Toy

Cloud7 Love Bone Croqueted Rainbow
We adore this colorfully charming, cushy crocheted dog bone. Individually handmade and containing a funny squeaker, this pleasing pup favorite is easily destined for squeezes and snuggles.

Cloud7 Love Bone Croqueted Rainbow

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