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Top 5 Pics of Traveling Dogs

Top 5 Pics of Traveling Dogs

By Patty Dobson

With warm sunburnt and longer days, summer makes us want to be out and about with our pups-- whether it’s a nice jaunt in the park, hike in the hills followed by a frozen treat, fun in the garden, camping, a road trip or flight to a new place. While we may not always get to head off on adventures by plane, trains, and automobiles, these pups seriously stir up our inner explorer, inspiring us to make the most of the sweet summer, in a way that’s most appropriate for our pups.

1. Marnie’s trip to France to see the Eiffel Tower was fantastique. It made us want to hop on a plane to see the City of Love and enjoy a baguette!
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 Marnie’s trip to France

2.  We dig the beautifully arranged images captured by Norm’s hooman, Jeremy Veach, of Norm and his adventures. Spacious, atmospheric, and fun, his pictures make us wanna pack our favorite toys, snacks and head off on a wonderful expedition.
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Norm and Co

3. Some traveling pups are gone but not definitely not forgotten. We love celebrating the life of Oscar the world traveling dog, who traveled all over the world to raise awareness about and highlight the benefits of dog adoption. We find daily inspiration in his globe-trotting pics, like this one from his trip to Machu Picchu.

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Oscar the world traveling dog

4. American expat rescue pup Neptune and his adventures in London (and sometimes Boston, Montana and Sweden) give us major feels about our time living in London, one of favorite cities. We get to relive our fondest memories through his adventures and love every minute of it!
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Neptune Pup

5. We’ve got a soft spot for expat pups, since Pork Chop and I lived as expats for three years.  This pic of Huey, an American bulldog living in Rome, visiting Venice makes us crave history, beautifully rustic and grand architecture and some tasty Italian food!
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 American Bulldog in Rome

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