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Excited to Launch

Excited to Launch

Things are coming along nicely at Truly Pawsome's HQ. Products are slowly coming in, the site design is coming together and I have my two little pugs Pork Chop and Murray excited about being the chief taste testers of all the new treats that are coming in.  Everyone has been happy and encouraging about my new business so that gives me a boost of confidence during the times I need it.

The holidays are one of my favorite times to be in San Francisco and it makes me reflect on how happy I am to be home after living in London for the last three years.  Not only does it allow me to be back with my family and friends, it allows me to give the best of care to my senior pug Pork Chop who is the inspiration behind my new company.  Wanting to provide the best for my dogs is what I wish to share with everyone and I hope everyone will enjoy the products I've picked out for my boxes.


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