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Top 10 Toys of 2015

Top 10 Toys of 2015

By Patty Dobson

Our list of the best toys of 2015 is a review of dog tested and approved toys that offer your dog a variety of engagement and activity to enhance socialization, mental and physical stimulation and the bond between you and your dog.

Some tips:

  • Regularly rotate your dog’s toys, offering him a few toys at a time and having a variety of toys accessible.
  • Choose toys appropriate for your dog’s size, preferences, and activity level.
  • If your dog has a favorite comfort toy, you may want to leave it around all the time.
  • Look for toys that are labelled as safe for children under 3 years of age, ensuring they don’t contain dangerous fillings, such as nutshells and polystyrene beads.
  • Supervise your dog when playing with squeaking toys, as he may be focused on finding, destroying and possibly injesting the squeaker.
  • Offer your dog rawhide chew toys only when you’re there to supervise.
  • Remove string, ribbon, and rubber bands from toys.

Hide a Squirrel

With 3 to 6 durable, squeaky squirrels hiding in and a “tree trunk” ranging from junior to ginormous, this fun, engaging toy fights boredom by keeping your dog occupied and entertained for hours. Insert the included squirrels and watch your pet work his way through the maze to get each squeaky toy out to play with. Once he’s figured it out, hide the toys inside the puzzle again.

Kong Classic

A classic interactive chew toy with an unpredictable bounce for a game of fetch and space to stuff with treats to keep your dog busy and happy. Available in 6 sizes and perfect for aggressive chewers and gnawers alike.  Kong also makes specialized versions for super power chewers, seniors, small, and baby dogs.

Our Pets Smarter InteractiveIQ Treat Ball Toy

A fun and ingenious way to stimulate your dog’s mental and physical health. Fill the engaging ball with treats and adjust the difficulty level progressively as your dog chases, explores, and learns. Comes in two sizes, for small and medium to large dogs.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

Tasty and easy to grab and bite, this keeps dogs happy and occupied, staving off boredom. Made of super strong nylon and food-grade bacon, these durable chews keep your dog stimulated while promoting dental health. Comes in mini, regular, and jumbo sized chews.

Good Karma Octopus Rope Toy

Not only are these cute and durable ropes well made, but they’re non-toxic, eco-friendly, hand tied, and dyed using non toxic vegetable dyes. Perfect for dogs who love to fetch, chew, and play a game of tug o’war. As it begins to fray as your dog chews, it acts as doggie dental floss. To soothe a teether or cool down a dog, dip your rope toy in water and place it in the freezer. Not only are these toys good for your dog, 10% of the proceeds for these adorable toys go to animal and rescue groups. Comes in different sizes and a wide range of cute critters and shapes.

Elephant Woolie Dog Squeak Toy

This thoughtful, non-toxic, well made plush squeaky toy is constructed with reinforced seams and contain duluxe speakers. All woolie toys are constructed using durable boiled wool and dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes. It’s a great craft quality toy to add to your dog’s collection. Woolies come in 2 sizes and an array of cute and colourful characters.

Kong Cozie Plush Squeaky Toy

Cute, double duty toy. Soft cuddly plush characters are ideal for cuddling, while their squeak encourages play and minimal filling with an extra reinforced layer make them extra tough for play. Comes in 10 cute characters.

Waggo Ball Rope Toy

Dogs are more interested when engaged in play rather than playing alone, and this simple, well constructed rope toy is the ideal toy to bond with your dog. Great for fetch, tug of war, or just to chew, this sturdy cotton toy keeps your dog happy and his teeth and gums healthy.

Plush Skinneeez Animals

Stuffing free plush toy with a squeaker included, they’re great for a game of tug of war, thrashing session, or a cuddle.

PurrfectPlay Organic Wool Dog Balls

A unique, natural dog toy made of 100% organic pasture raised wool. Tough and bouncy, the ball’s perfect for a game of fetch. 100% natural, these balls offer the same fun as traditional balls, but without the plastic, fungicide, and chemicals. Great for aggressive chewers and it’s renewable with machine washing.

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